Wednesday, 13 July 2016

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Dell Inspiron 11-3147 Laptop (4th Gen Intel Pentium Quad Core-N3530/ 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- 11.6 Inches Touchscreen- win8.1/WITHOUT BAG)

Dell laptops are known for coming out with laptops that create a niche of their own. This time, Dell presents 4th Generation Intel Pentium Quad Core N3530 Processor, huge hard disk space, 29.46cm (11.6) touch screen and Windows 8.1 operating system, all in an impeccably stylish system. Dell Inspiron 11-3147 Laptop makes sure you enjoy fast and efficient performance with a clock speed of 2.16 GHz (Burst Frequency of 2.58 GHz) and 2 MB cache memory. The Windows 8.1 operating system promises a plethora of applications that are entertaining, interesting and engaging. Experience amazing video quality even in dim light situations, thanks to the 29.46cm (11.6) LED backlight, HD Truelife touchscreen display. Save hours of your favourite TV shows, playlist and movies with 500 GB hard disk space. Buy Dell laptops from and make computing powerful yet easy.

Flip back and relax Flip back and relax Tablet mode: A remarkable 360-degree hinge design lets you flip the keyboard around and lay it flat on your lap to surf social media, swipe through photos or pull up your playlists. Tablet stand mode: Transition the tablet to an upright position so you can play games, scroll through songs, watch movies or follow your favorite recipes while you cook. Tent mode: Watch the news, the game or catch up on your shows with your Inspiron 11 in a hands-free easel position that supports full touch interaction. Laptop mode: With a full-sized keyboard, you can chat with friends, reply to emails faster, update family budget spreadsheets or knock out school projects. Fully loaded and ready to roll Reliable technology: Intel® PentiumTM Quad Core processors offer speed and efficiency for responsive performance whether you're surfing the web, writing a paper or uploading photos. Get the Intel®-level performance you've come to expect. Excellent battery life: Go longer between charges and spend more time away from the outlet doing what matters. Up to 7 hours10. More storage: With a 500GB hard drive, you get considerably more room than most tablets. That means additional space for your files, photos, videos and more. Thin and light: This compact 2-in-1 weighs only 3.07lbs (1.39kg)11 and measures under an inch thin at only 19.4mm, so it's lightweight enough to carry with you. Memory keeper: With 4GB of memory, multitaskers can keep multiple apps open at the same time. Switch between work and play seamlessly without slowing down your Inspiron 11. The HD difference Scan social media. Stream your favorite TV show. Update your blog. Whatever you like to do, you can do it in HD (1366x768). The 11.6" edge-to-edge touch display is easy to navigate so you can tap, scroll and zoom your way around the screen Connect and share faster Latest operating system: The Inspiron 11 features Windows 8.1 to ensure easy navigation

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